Biografija (engleski)

Primarily, Haris Dzinovic is a singer with an extraordinary voice qualities, but he is also a composer, a musician and he writes lyrics for his songs. Throughout his career, he has sold nearly five million albums. He begun his music career in the 1975. in his hometown Sarajevo as a singer and composer of folk music when pop and evergreen music was more dominant in the Balkans area, so he prefers to compose for others and gives out his melodies. Very soon, fascinated by the Gypsy music, he founded a band „Sar e Roma“ in the 1981 with a famous group of gipsy musicians, The Pavlovich brothers. They played numerous concerts throughout the world. Together with them, Haris Dzinovic recorded three great albums between 1982-1986, which have been published as a CD compilation many years after their team-work. In 1989 he started again with folk music and made some kind of specific sound and style for his songs, which became new urban songs accompanied with some kind of ethno sound. With his first album Haris already had a great success and almost every song became a great hit. Trough all these years those hits are on the very top of the music charts. He has received a great number of audience and music experts’ awards for this. Encouraged with this success, in 1991 he recorded the second album, published for the same record company as the first album – „Diskoton“, Sarajevo. Just at the moment when the songs from it fascinated the audience again, civil war commenced at the Balkans area. Harris retreated to Austria and played many benefit concerts for his compatriots from Bosnia. Finally, in the 1994 he went to France, in the beginning he was living in Cannes and Saint – Tropez and nowadays he lives in Paris almost ten years. Thanks to singing folk music and traveling all over the world he had learned several languages. At his performances he sings other performers’ songs and does it in different foreign languages; English, Spanish, French, Russian, Greek… and also plays many music instruments. While in Cannes, he got a proposal he to make and sing the gipsy version of the famous song „My Way“, composed many years ago by Claude Francois, so unforgettably performed by Frank Sinatra’s performance. He took their offer and „Warner Chappell Music“ company published it in the 1994, for the occasion of the 25th year anniversary since the song has been first performed. On that CD, his version „Cantar Cigan“ was found its place between 25 other versions of the same song. After that was living in Spain a while and in the music studio of Kornelije Kovach, he started to work on new songs, recording them in Spanish, English and Gypsy language, for his international career. At the same time, had made many different versions of his old hits. Then appears a song „Are the quinces bloomed?“ which would has found its place on his album published in the 1996 with other gipsy songs and his old – new version songs. At the same time he was cooperating with the famous band „Gipsy Kings“. After that Harris plans to start his international career, he lives and works in Paris, opens a restaurant there, named „Haris“. At that period he made some new songs and in the 2000, he published his new CD, by the „Zepter World Music International“ company. For that album, almost all lyrics and music were entirely his work. That CD was a great success and was sold in numerous copies. He closes his restaurant and turns all his forces to the music career. He begins concerts tours in the USA, Australia, Canada and in almost every big city in Europe. His business success was further extended in the last few years, with his wife Melina giving a birth to their two children. His daughter Djina and his son Kan are the newest achievements in his life. He is in the studio at the moment, preparing songs for his new CD, to be released some time this year.

Read Interview with Haris made 1996. by By Mike Zwerin for „International Herald Tribune“ – A Musician Who Lost His City

Translated by Ceca, Ksenija, Dzeni & Tatjana

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